House C

House Division Minor Fastball

The AMFA House (or C Division) program is great platform for athletes who enjoy both the competitive and SOCIAL aspects of softball. Focusing on further developing fundamental skills through positive instruction and encouragement, the program is best suited for girls who are WILLING TO LEARN and WANT TO HAVE FUN, but do not necessarily want the high stress and pressure that goes along with elite level competition. While the practice and game schedules are not as intense as they are in the rep program, the overall experience is just as positive and rewarding.

Coordinator: Celine Hayward


2012 Provincials
Bantam 96C – 2nd Place
2012 Regionals
Midget 95C – 1st Place
21012 Districts
Bantam 96C – 1st Place
2011 Provincials
Bantam Bandits – 2nd Place
2011 Regionals
2011 Districts
Bantam Bandits – 1st Place
2010 Provincials
2010 Regionals
2010 Districts
PeeWee Indians – 2nd Place
2009 Provincials
Squirt Cyclones – 3rd Place
2009 Regionals
2009 Districts
Squirt Cyclones – 1st Place
PeeWee Bandits – 1st Place